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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Personal Financial Resource Management Software

Hello Readers,

I am planning to develop Personal Finance Software Desktop application suitable for individuals. Plan to share it for free. My estimated efforts to get a basic version in place would be 6 months. Currently planned to be suitable for usage in India. Though can be adopted for other country locales.

Whilst I do so this is an earnest request to share kind of features you think such an software should provide. Also send emailto such that you can be proud early adopter of the software.

All comments and suggestion are more than welcome. If you as reader also host you finance blogs post a note to me, I will be more than happy to share free download links no sooner available. I can also enlist your blogs in the app depending on contributions you make in terms of domain knowledge, feature request, early adoption and testing of the application.


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Monday, October 11, 2010

Updates on Binani Cement on Target

This is another stock I recommended in mid sixties then around October 2009. Its one year since then. Though I had given a target of 50% upside in nine months it took a while. Maybe due to being commodity stock in nature.

I understand Binani Industries parent company is planning to delist the shares. Delisting price can be anywhere around Rs. 110/- - Rs. 120/- per share but then it would be speculating prices. Given the fact that Binani Industries will delist it it would be nice proxy play to buy / switch to Binani Industries shares itself.

I plan to come out of this stock in open market when delist offer comes in. Take you informative call if you have invested in this company.

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Updates on XPRO India on target

Hi Readers,

I had recommended this stock at Rs 24/- in my value pick and small cap segment on Aug 31st 2009. Since then it has trebled. No doubt had been a slow mover but given the fact that it has been consistent dividend paying company and paid dividend of around 5% yield on then market price.

I had mentioned it is young and haven't caught market frenzy. It looks like finally it has caught the eyes and today it on Up circuit at Rs. 73.75. I myslef would start booking partial profits as it comes off the upper circuit. However given the margin of safety I enjoy in the stock @Rs. 19 I can holds on for long term and reap tax free dividend @ almost 10% yield.

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